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Get a Scrolling Announcement Bar into Your Theme's Header

Get a Scrolling Announcement Bar into Your Theme's Header

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Introducing Our Scrolling Announcement Bar: Enhance Your Header with Customized, Rotating Messages

Upgrade your online store with a captivating Scrolling Announcement Bar designed to integrate seamlessly into your header. Unlike standard announcement bars that come with themes, our unique customization allows you to display multiple messages that automatically scroll every few seconds. Draw attention to sales, policies, or promotions like free shipping, while keeping your customers engaged and informed.

What's Included with This Customization?

  • An eye-catching colored strip at the top of your site featuring rotating text to promote sales, free shipping, or any other custom messaging you desire.

Overview of Options and Settings:

  • Up to three custom text messages that can rotate automatically or manually, based on your preferences
  • A rich-text option for the text, allowing you to stylize the content, add links, and more
  • Customizable color options for the background of the bar and text
  • Range slider options to control the speed at which the messages rotate

Looking for Something Custom?

If you require a tailored solution, please don't hesitate to reach out for a personalized quote. Our Scrolling Announcement Bar is designed to meet your unique needs, enhancing your customers' experience and driving sales.

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