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See our app T-Selector (VAT switcher) which let your customers choose to see prices including or excluding VAT!

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Explore T-Selector (VAT switcher) for Shopify!

"A must have app"

A must have app for you who sell both to businesses and individuals.

With Tax Selector each customer in your Shopify store is able to select if they are buying as a business (B2B) or individual (B2C).

The selection changes the price to either excluding or including VAT.

  • Increase Conversions

    If you sell to both private consumers and businesses you will guaranteed increase your conversion rate since most private consumers want to see prices including VAT and businesses excluding VAT in a big part of the world.

    With Tax Selector each individual customer will be able to see prices as they wish!

  • Be Crystal Clear

    That your store sells to both private consumers and businesses!

    Not all online shops sell to both B2C and B2B therefore many customers will reach the checkout before they see they can't shop here.

    With Tax Selector your customers will immediately know you support both B2C and B2B. No more guessing!

  • Google Shopping For B2B

    Having problem showing your shopping ads on Google as a B2B seller?

    If you have your prices with excluding VAT in the EU you won't be able to show your products in Google Shopping.

    That problem is solved with Tax Selector! Now Google will see that you also have prices including VAT.