Premium Plan - Setup

Premium Plan - Setup

When you are on premium plan you will need to find out what the price identifier is on your store/theme. To do this you can go to your store front and right click on the price on an item and then click inspect. Want help? Contact us here.

Now check what the price identifier is. It will start with "span class" 

In this case the price identifier is "price-item". Copy this and go to "customize" theme.

Add price identifier on 2.0 Themes

Go to "app embeds" and and click on T-Selector Config and scroll down until you see "configure price selector".

Now paste the price identifier after "span." In this case "span.price-item". Click save.


Older Themes

If you are on an older theme, stay on theme sections and scroll down to the bottom where it says "T-selector". And follow the steps above.


Now you are done with the price detecting setup. Next step would be to set your VAT rate and Translation if you haven't already. This is done in the app under "VAT Rates" and "Translations".

To test if everything works, go to your theme editor and activate the two app embeds from T-Selector if you have a 2.0 theme.

If you are on an older theme you will leave the app embeds unactivated and instead stay on theme sections and scroll down to the bottom where it says "T-selector".

Click on T-Selector and you will see app configurations and be able to enable the app.

Regardless if you are on 2.0 or an older theme it's here you will have all options for widgets and pop up, color, font size, set if you have pricing excluding or including VAT in the back-end etc.

Need any help? Contact us here

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