Before you start setting up T-Selector

Before you start setting up T-Selector

Do I need to upgrade?

Before you start, we recommend checking whether you sell to more than one market or need multiple VAT rates. If so, you'll need to upgrade to our premium plan in order for our app to work properly. 

To upgrade, go into the app and click on "Upgrade"

Duplicate your live theme

The next step is to make a duplicate of your theme so you don't have to worry about making changes directly to the live theme.

To do that, go to Online store - Themes - and click on duplicate and name it to a suitable name.

Setup the price identifier

After this, go back to the app and follow the steps in the setup guide.

Translation and VAT-rates

While you're still in the app, it's a good time to translate and set your VAT rate.

This is done under the tabs "Translations" and "VAT Rates".

Design and other settings

To be able to change colors, size et. for the optional pop up, inline switcher and floating widget you will ned to go into your theme editor (in the duplicated theme).

For 2.0 themes you will find this section under "app embeds".

Important! Both "T-Selector Config" and "T-Selector Widget" must be activated to be able to show the app in your store.

And for older themes you will find it in the bottom of "sections".

in addition to color and design, you can set:

1. If you have your prices including tax in your Shopify back-end. This is important since this will make sure you show the correct price. Otherwise you might show higher or lower price than reality.

2. Choose not to show the price helper (excl. and incl. VAT).

3. Set Cookie Validity days for the pop up which means that you can choose that the pop up box appears from 1 time a day to 1 time every year.

Need more help?

No worries, contact us here and we will get back to you shortly :)

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